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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is the most effective way to stop air leaks and air infiltration.  Depending on the type of spray foam insulation, it can provide a variety of benefits for a home whether it be sprayed in the attic to stop air leaks, sprayed in exterior walls or vaulted ceilings, or sprayed along rim joists and sill plates in basements and crawl spaces.  Our applications range from single part gun foam use to our low pressure Comfort Rx closed cell system from Fomo Products.

Open Cell spray foam or "One Part" foam is most commonly used as a "gap filler" used to seal around small penetrations where different materials meet, usually in the attic along framing "top plates", penetrations in the drywall where there may be light fixture sconces or around bath fans where it meets with the drywall.  It may also be used to seal up holes drilled into framing for electrical wires and around plumbing stacks and vent pipes.  It does have an r-value (3.0/inch or higher).  Open cell foam is a very effective way to stop air leaks and air infiltration in many residential applications.

Closed Cell spray foam (polyurethane spray foam) is the the most effective way to insulate a home above any other type of insulation.  In addition to having an effective air sealing quality, closed cell spray foam or "Two Part" it has an impressive thermal resistance (r-value) of 6.667/inch.  Closed cell foam is known for it's moisture resistance and can be used as an effective fire barrier.  Our System 8 set up from Fomo Products is a low pressure, nitrogen tank operated system that can sufficiently spray foam most small application residential projects.

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