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Think of insulation like a "down" jacket, the better the inner lining, the warmer you will be.  The better and more of the insulation product used when insulating your home, the better your home's performance and your comfort will be.  Insulation works effectively in both extreme heat and cold temperatures so depending on your regional climate where you live, the recommended levels of insulation will fluctuate.  Whether the insulation be in the walls, ceilings, or attics, we look to maximize the "r-value" per application using the appropriate methods from blown in, to dense packing, also known as "drill and fill".  We can insulate exterior walls with existing homes and new construction and properly prep and insulate any traditional residential attic at or above industry and regional climate standards.

We specialize in all types of insulation, from batts (all types), loose fill (cellulose or fiberglass), and spray foam, open and closed cell.  Our recommendation on the type of insulation will be based on "best practices" for the application considering your budget and alternate solutions.  We understand that cost matters and will stay true to the best interests of the project and your home, costs and otherwise.

One of the most important things to understand about how insulation works is that insulation cannot maximize its effectiveness without a proper air barrier or air seal.  In other words, insulation is only half of the solution. Read more about Air Sealing in our other Services.

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