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Home Energy Audits

A home energy audit can be overwhelming to the average homeowner, especially if you have no idea what an "audit" even involves.  Blower door tests, CAZ tests, infrared cameras, poking and prodding your home in a sense can seem like overkill for just "insulation".  However, the fundamentals of our training focus on a occupant's "health and safety" and ensure that the home can sustain the upgrades without making the house unsafe and too "tight".  Some homeowners have even asked if it is "safe" to be in the house while the audit is being performed!  The answer is "yes", it is safe.

With the proper diagnostic tools an audit can identify a home's performance opportunities with an infrared scan and blower door whole house depressurization test.  From a home's natural air exchanges to insulation levels, a comprehensive home energy audit can tell a complete story of your home's performance. We see an audit as direct feedback of your homes performance based on its usage and composition. 


Most important and above all else is that the audit addresses your concerns first while keeping the house safe and that the audit findings are helpful and easy to understand as well.  The report will detail any concerns in order of priority with reference to your feedback and concerns but also identify any major health and safety issues with your furnace and other combustion appliances.  The recommended improvements will cover the entire home and list all concerns and rate them accordingly.  The home modeling software provided by Xcel Energy is through SunggHome (, a Boulder based software firm.  

To be transparent, our firm not only performs energy audits for Xcel Energy customers, we also do the improvement work as well.  Regardless, our reports are objective and offer you honest feedback with real time data and findings that can be substantiated and verified.  As a Trades Ally and Energy Efficiency Partner with Xcel Energy, we are held to account for all standards set by all rebate programs and comply with all rules and details of each program, respectively.  By doing both, the audits, implementing the improvements, and in addition to being proficient in a home's building composition, the work we do sets us aside from other companies that focus on insulation only or audits only.

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