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Attic Ventilation

There are two main variables when it comes to a passive attic environment.  First, a "natural" intake of exterior air into the attic along the perimeter through designed soffit vents, if possible.  Second is the ability to exhaust the attic air through upper static vents near the ridge line.  Allowing the natural driving forces of the wind to push air through the attic.  The interior volume of the attic, the overall size of the attic, and any existing ventilation will dictate the convection rate within and the need to create more ventilation, respectively, with a "passive" approach of installed mechanical ventilation to help induce a draft with a powered fan, solar powered specifically. 

We are proficient with installing all types of attic ventilation from perimeter soffit vents, upper static vents, and if necessary, solar powered attic ventilation fans.  We are also proficient at installing bathroom vents and range hood vents, properly ducted and vented to the outside.

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