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Making Home Performance Simple Since 2012

  Colorado's Home Efficiency Experts

Whether you live downtown in a traditional Denver "Square", a Bungalow, a charming Tudor, or if you live in the surrounding areas of town in a traditional "Ranch", your home is unique in style and composition.  Depending on its size and the number of occupants, your home performs based on how it is used with reference to the outdoor environment.  Our efforts are not about trying to sell you "comfort" but only to ensure it.  Understanding how your home was put together and the era it was built in, can help you understand the "how's and why's" of comfort issues within your home and high energy bills that may come with it.  A simple fact to know is that 95% of existing homes are in need of the services we can provide and as an approved contractor with Xcel Energy of CO since 2012, we have helped hundreds of homeowners all along the Front Range have a more healthy and comfortable home. 


Here at Simple Home Energy Solutions we take a comprehensive, whole house approach to diagnosing homes by applying building science applications to help you understand your home's true performance potential.  Insulation may be the solution for most of your comfort issues but to really understand how insulation works, it helps to understand how energy moves.  It's not as basic as rolling out insulation or just adding more of it to areas like the attic, it's more about the air leaking around it.  In order for insulation to be effective, there must be an effective air barrier or sufficient air sealing.  The process as a whole can be meticulous but by sealing air leaks within a home, it can help impact source control with comfort issues and help improve indoor air quality in addition to improving its performance.  

Incentives and Rebate Programs from Xcel Energy

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We are proud to be an Energy Efficiency Partner with Xcel Energy as part of their Trades Ally Program.  Since 2012, we have been recognized as a "Top Gun Performer" in 3 of the last 5 years.  As a small firm, we are grateful for the consideration that we get from each homeowner but gladly help those we can with our available resources.  We are not a big company and that is ok with us.  It allows us to pay more attention and time to the homes we have the opportunity to work on.  Attention to detail is key when addressing issues with a home's performance and although we do proper diligence to ensure all areas are covered, we are not about a quick turnover with projects as they come.  Our standards of service are above industry standards and knowing that the job is done correctly over being done quickly goes much further over time.  We are committed to the standards not only set by Xcel Energy and their programs but also to your standards as the homeowner.

Weatherization Assistance Programs and Financing

The need for efficiency upgrades can come with a cost and in addition to the rebates offered from Xcel Energy there are energy loan programs offered through the City of Denver and The Colorado Energy Office that can help finance improvements through low interest energy loans.  There are two loan programs offered through Xcel Energy, the City of Denver, and The Colorado Energy Office by either Elevations Credit Union or the LendKey Home Energy Efficiency Loan.   Please call us for more information about these programs and see if you qualify.  For lower income families, there are weatherization assistance programs that will help pay for some efficiency upgrades but it is based on qualifying income levels.  Again, please call us for more information with these programs.

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